Childhood Disorientation

8 year old boy Johnathan is in argument with family,
gets mad and feels an energy he can’t control.
his hands/arms raised straight up, shaking with nervous energy, and then
they are bought down palms facing down as if
stiffly slaping his hands on an invisible table top.
there is a noise like a machines gear locking into place
hard,(chug), and with it is an impact as like if he missed the last step
on stairs and landed hard on his feet. He also faintly heard
a short grunt and a short wail muffled by everything else in
that second.

he flinchingly closed his eyes, and when he opened them
he was looking at his mom dad and older sister, they were
still standing but their upper halves were completely bent
backwards and parallel with thr ground.
and there arms loked to be broken.

he was horrified and scared.
“Johnathan” his mothers simply annoided tone, distorted by
the position she was in, her voice straining to escape.
“what have you done?…look what youve done to us”

“what…what happened, what are you doing?” Johnathans heart
was beating like mad and he felt like liquid metal was dripping
down his spine. He was shaking all over. He hated the feeling
almost as intesnly as his fear of that he was seeing.

the older sister “well youve crippled us and it is permanent
and we are going to have to live like this now”

noooooo wailed johnathan, pleease, I’ll fix it, and he started
furiouly waving his arms up and donw, trying to reverse
what ever evil black magic or curse he, in his rage, had tapped
and unleased.

suddenly he fell, landed on his behind, and felt a shadow covering him,
blocking some of the kitchen light. He looked up to see the back of his
fathers head looming over him in the same position
his whole family is in.

then he fell through the ground and was in a world with only cleanly
sliced structures. dark blue and brown, dark blue skys,
buildings ina chaotic fashion clustered together but spanning for it seemed
for ever, and lights, lighting the buildings as
if the alien world was on some sinister display
, and there was no people in this
alien world, then he screamed as he started
to go insane, and then he woke up.
and his family was normal and everything was normal.


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