Artists Dilema

I feel that being an artists, like, being someone tat appreciates beauty, can seem like that person doesn’t like to work or doesn’t care about work. But the thing is, the people that do all the work, at least in societies were artists don’t have to work to survive, (north America), The rich often put out sooo much money to by fashion cars music, things of art. So it can be said that the artists inspire the workers to work.

That is how I feel and I didn’t always feel this way. At one point I felt that work had to be work, not fun and beautiful, but it had to be work for the sake of survival. But come on, we never in the history of man had to work this hard for survival. There are people who reach age 100+ still living in 3r world countries so lets not go to into the quality of life debate. People work so they can buy nice things or to help people. People shouldn’t work just because that’s what someone says they are supposed to do. If that is the only reason they would work, then they must have something else worth while to offer to the world and the world we should be interested and supportive in seeing what that thing might be.

And so that whole thing about fashion being a fad and contributing to the golden arrow, I staring to wonder if that is accurate, because I think a lot of people like that new fashion and new laptop or car design because they really appreciate the beauty of it. Maybe for some people its just a pure social thing of trying to say you have that new thing, but not always.

Some kids like to build sand castles and lego and will spend  a lot of time on these things. If they had the right tools they could scale up those ideas and be architects and whatever but as happened for me, I think the all the bureaucracy and “out-of-context arithmetic” gets to a lot of kids before they even get close. Then they end up as construction workers whistling at women on the street. The educational system could use a few tweaks IMO(not yelling).


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