Adventure into Phsyical Burn out (In the Summer)

A Log of my Adventure/Decent into Physical Burn out. August 2012.

Incomplete because this is not a day to day journal, just a journal now that I have recovered somewhat.

It started with the idea from Pavel tetsuli that frequency is more important than sets per session in strength training. His idea is that by simply doing 2 heavy sets of one or two exercises 5 days a week, you will build strength faster than is you were to use a regular body building routine.

I liked this idea but I always try to mold ideas to me instead of going with exactly what the original idea was. Well in most cases, like this, I have to. Reason is that he says you should work out 5 days a week, but I have this urge to do something every day to make sure its a habit and becomes automatic at some point. So I decided that instead of his suggestion of doing 2 sets, one closer to 5 rep max for 5 reps, and one 80% of that, I decided I would do only the heavier set, and do that 7 days a week. Not to big a lead in my opinion, more CNS work, less lactic acid per day, trade of should be ok… well CNS takes longer to recover, needs 5 days, however just one set per exercise c’mon.

Next alteration was that Pavel suggests only 2 exercises, Deadlift and one arm press.

I wanted to do 4. Dead lift for legs, leg raise for core, chins for upper body pullers, and military press for upper body pushers. No biggy, I don’t go to heavy on chins or leg raises either, should be ok.

Next alteration, I need to do cardio at least twice a week or I feel like shit. I like HIIT because then I build athleticism and do cardio at the same time. Oh, that’s CNS intensive as well….well I’ll just do a bit. Three intervals per session plus 10min jog to warm up, should be fine fore twice a week. The Olympics being on didn’t help my urge to training like a mad man either.

Next Alteration, how much sleep should you get on CNS intensive routine. As much as you need, like try going to bed at 10 30 or 11 and waking up without an alarm clock kinda sleep. Possible the best kind. However I decided I needed to wake up at 9am latest to start my day because It sucks to wake up later imo. So I got maybe 7hr – 8 hrs sleep, and going to bed 11 12 or 1 at night. Not the best.

Last alteration, I was on a caloric deficit, CNS doesn’t like this to much either.

So this program was going ok, I was slowly becoming less excited about my daily work outs but who wouldn’t, its the same thing everyday, and once you know you’re doing what you need to be doing maybe it just looses its luster. I swapped a strength session for an HIIT session on days I knew it would be to much and kinda had a system going.

Then cam family vacation. I decided I wouldn’t be exercising for 3 days so I should pack it all in to the last 24 hr. I did the hardest 3 intervals of HIIT I have done at least for this routine, the evening before the trip. The morning of, I woke up after 5 maybe 6 hrs of sleep after that session and did a strength training session. Ok lets party.

That family vacation could have been better, I felt sick in the car ride there, did’nt vom or anything but some mihgt have, I’m just too cool for that lol. My appetite was always there underneath the surface, a hunger, like a vampire, but for food.

Here is the worst part. I thought the vacation would be a time to recover like you see on tv with people laying under a tree on a beach all day but we don’t do that so far as I know in my family. We also don’t care much for going to bed at a reasonable hour. So Ave bed time of the vacation was 1 30. So my CNS is actually still being taxed during this vacation. My dad snores at night and we shared a bed and my mood starting getting out of control when I couldn’t sleep right away after already having to wait until my mom turned of the hotel tv. I starting thinking like, wouldn’t it be great if I woke up so sleep deprived that I walked out into the street the next day and go hit by a car. They’ll teach them what sleep is really about. That idea fell away quickly, its not how I am and I new it, so flipped myself on the bed to sleep with head to my dad’s feet and vice versa and went to sleep (I think that was the finale night of the trip).

Go home and had no desire to touch the weights or get big, or stay lead or do cardio. I just had not passion for it. I focused on trying to get my sleep right. Then, after only 5 or 6 days, I decided I’d through in a 20 min jog, just to keep me sleeping right. I still was only sleeping ok. Then I decided to throw in a weight training session. That night I got to bed fairly late , 1 30 – 2, and woke up 9 – 10 feeling un-rested.

About 8 days from the last weight training work out I decided to do another weight training workout. I had gotten ok sleep the night before, not great, maybe 7hr of alarm clock sleep. Did the weights that evening. Got to bed at 12:15, fell asleep probably by 1. I had some messed up dreams like my friends friends trying to shoot me with a machine gun, and me drinking a mc Donald’s ice cap with fries in it, and then eating some of the fries from in the cup as well, and then repeating. I woke up “by bladder” at around 7:30 feeling amazing for some reason. Breathing deeper and feeling refreshed except I didn’t have it in me to hit the weights again. So I didn’t. I felt it interesting to notice that I only needed 6:30 hrs sleep last night to fully recover where as most days I need 8hrs.

Long and weird dreams would mean a longer R.E.M. Cycle or something like that, which would mean more CNS recovery. If only we could sleep like that when ever we wanted. Only think I can think of is go to bed when your tired, instead becoming occupied with the T.V. Or computer. When you are tired is when your brain is primed for deep sleep and remembering dreams ect but if you let that time go away, like if you wait till 1am, dopamine floods your system and you sleep will not be as good, and when I say not as good I think its like only equal to half a nights sleep as far as feeling like a person should feel on a day to day basis. Like how you felt as a kid, and remember your parents forced you to go to bed on time. We were all bouncing off the walls. Go to bed when tired and you’ll will be bouncing of the wall like I am about to do. Excuse me…


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