Wealth, a new definition

My new definition of wealth

health, intellegence, knowledge, pursuing passion,
travelling, having alot of friends and familiy
(loved ones), love of self,all around good person
(beauty/art),courage, and or growing in the right direction.

Money does’nt mean too much.

Someone can have alot of money, but be a bad
person. What value do they realy have.

Someone can be homeless but have the ability
to work like a mad man with complete disipline
if it was needed. And they can be healthy
and have their health looked after by loved
ones and always be clean, and they could be
always learning more from books or people
or the internet, and they could have a place to
stay when ever they needed because as a good
person no one would mind having that person
around because that person would help out.
they would have the energy to help out because
they would be healthy and therefore not
depressed and lethargic. And they would
find a way to excerise. They would travel to
learn more and meet more people and mates if
they wanted. They would have the knowledge to
make their lives and everyone around them easier
in someway.

If in no other way, at least by showing people
that the idea of money stems from people not
wanting to help each other out or not wanting
to share and these problems stem from the cave
man times. They are phsycological viruses that
are passed down through generations. Like
the willy linch method. Shame is one virus.
A major one. Rasicm is another one as well. These are
the diseases that keep us all from living in
harmony with the universe. A homeless man who
is’nt infected with these is a one eyed man
in the land of most blind. He is valuable. His
lack of shame, his love of self, is what
allows him to live without a respectable job.
His love of self is what keeps him from having
to take his anger out on someone instead of crying
on someones shoulder. His love of self is what
allows him to be happy and therefore able to
truely love other human beings. This love is
what would allow him to work like a mad man
if there was need. However there is rarly in an
age where someone like him is willingly homeless,
and many have so much more than they need. He
is valuable because atleast he is one man you know
wont break into your house to steal somthing to
feel better about himself. If this virtuos
man was living in the country he would build
a house fit for him, he would learn how, and
do so. But because this man lives in the city,
he has no trouble finding adequit shelter.
However this man, assuming he has passions,
as he is healthy and not depressed he would
be doing somthing, not just sitting on
all day. He would be working towards something.
And other people would help. If this man was
passionate about houses he would soon have a
house. This is assuming he was a specialist.
If this man was a multipod, he would maybe be
leading other people in some innovation that he
was interested in and doing the work as well.

And if the bum had no interested except
the things money can buy like cars and houses and
women, then I’m sure his passion would drive him
to find a job and work his way up through
education and work to get the money he needed
to buy those things. He would’nt have any
distracting interested keeping him from working
to make the money to party as hard as possible.
He would have the health and discipline to work
hard. And he would’nt feel like it was time he
could have been spending doing somthing more
productive because he would’nt be a multipod,
cause they have interests, lots of them.


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