Multipods and society, related to languages at very end

Multipods are misunderstood as quitters
but they are really very valuable to society.
They need to proove this themselves by
living with courage, intellegence, self love,
health, socializing, and following their interests
as they come. This will make certain that
even if they don’t have alot of money, they
will get all the things in life that they
need including their happiness.

Also I think that this is the way multipods should
be living because it would lead to a more
emotionally healthy population and more innovation
within that population.

Unless the multipod comes up with an innovation
people are willing to pay for, for a multipod
to be happy at their job is alot less feasible.
However in my experience I am atleast ok
if I am working with people and can talk and
be social with loving community at the work or
place of education.

This is far from optimal tho as the multipod will
be sacrificing all these moments of inspiration
and interest to work on drugery. It is probably
better for society as a whole
if multipods would work on their interests
and innovate as much as possible. I am
actually pretty sure a multipod can create an
innovation sucessfully and get paid for it.
I have came up with many innovations an will
come up with many more in the future.

Multipods only need to stop being scared of
doing what they want instead of what society

parents would ignoranlty pressure them to do.
Multipods need to let go of shame selfdoubt and
fear, possible needing treatment for depression,
and them they should be able to innovate in
areas that people need, even if people don’t
see that they need it.

This is what I think a multipod should understand.
They are right to live the way they do.
There is no such thing as fluency, only
more words, if your tired of a language swich.
there is no such thing as perfection,
if your bored of a technique move on to learning
another one.


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