Concept: variety

I think variety is an extremely important concept(is what I’m calling it) or maybe I’ll call it a Rule. It is one of those things, those rules that can be applied to multiple areas of our lives and it seems that Rules like that are important, maybe because it makes remembering to do things a certain way easier when you have a concept you can remember to apply wherever possible instead of seeing every situation as a different thing. Kinda like how in programming you can factor out an argument common to all if statements or somthing. Oh would you look at that, another rule type thing, that’s a whole N’other post right there.

Anyways, the thing that brought me to the idea of variety being worthy of being called a rule is that I was thinking of diet and how the Japanese dietary guidelines say to eat 30 different foods a day. I’v also heard somthing about 120 different foods a week. The japanese are the some of the most (if not the most) healthy people in the world. They have the highest number of centenarians of any country. I’m assuming that last statistic is in proportion to the number of people but  don’t know. And highest life expectancy. Diet combined with their more active lifestlye is probably the cause.

Next Variety is important in getting sources of information. Weather it is lessons about life or lessons on math, varying your sources is important.

MMA fighters wouldn’t do well with just one style.

Ok basically this idea penetrates most areas of our lives and I just think it deserves to be observed and remembered.

This probably applies to language as well. Vary what you learn and your entertainment media to keep things fun. Vary the speakers you listen to, variety the accents you hear, Vary the languages you know which is what you are doing by learning another one. Theres so many applications of the rule of variety out there and they can be of so much help just in general.


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