Method: “L1-L2 Audio + lazy Hanzi + talk to them”

Here I will put together a few feasible language learning concepts and see if it works or not. These concepts or methods are designed around ease and speed instead of fun. The are designed to maximize ease because in mandarin, at least at this point in the journey I can’t find anything fun and with enough volume that I can stay with it. I could surf the internet all day looking for diamonds in the ruff but that would be extremely not fun which defeats the purpose of it being fun. I could go and buy all the dvds of mandarin dubbed north american content that \i would find interesting, but that costs money which I don’t have right now.

Method background translation:

My audio immersion environment will consist of my ipod playing sentences, playing the mandarin sentence followed by the english translation right after, for as many sentences as I feel like having in my playlist. I might start with 1-3min of sentences and add 1-3 min on to th playlist per day. Hearing not only the mandarin but also the english should yield better understanding than just the mandarin. I notice I can learn sentences passively by just hearing them repeatedly. apparently the human brain locks onto something it hears repeated enough because maybe it is seen as significant. However I have only tried this with pure mandarin and have learned sentences passively becoming able to repeat them back but without knowing what they meant. IN this method I try to learn the translations passivly as well which is really just a longer string of words to add to somthing to be learned passively. If the playlist is short, say 3min, and is heard constantly for a week the whole track should be memorized in order which would result in the understanding of mandarin-english pairs. This is the main part of the method. Requires 3 min of work for 3 min of audio which would be 50% mandarin and 50% english. in that 1 and a half min there might be 20-30 new vocab words that I would be learning. I estimate that for 1 and a half min of mandarin with that amount of new vocab it might take 2 days of constant passive exposure to learn. That is 15 words a day. for 3 minutes of work.

The second and less easy part of this method is learnig a bit of writing and for this I can either use lazy kanji stlye or sentences and I chose lazy kanji stlye. 10 per day would take from 5 – 10 minutes depending on how many reveiws you have. there for I would learn all 3000 in under a year at 10 minutes a day.

The 3rd part of this method is talking to actually native mandarin speakers in person. This is easy if you live in a country where you can find some to talk to. This part should be easy as long as the people you talk to are nice. The nicer or cooler they are the more fun the talking will be and the faster you will learn.

The first three steps should all be done simultaneusly actually. Then when you know 3000 most common hanzi start reading manga translated into chinese online and talking to chinese poeple on chat online and other stuff that should be fun once you can get the jist of the writing.


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