Method: “Geared towards Use”

I think now that I know the real reason I want to learn this language, I have to gear everything towards that or else I wont be able to sustain the effort. So I need to talk to as many Chinese people as possible. I have to forgo the Hanzi and reading, or at least slow it down immensely, and focus on audio SRS cards, especially the ones I learned and forgot because those are where most of “my Chinese nativity” is right now. Its in all the Show lo , SS and Chinese tools SRS audio cards.

The strategy for right now:

Immerse myself in Chinese areas in town and in mandarin speak with as many Chinese people as possible.

SRS the old cards I’ve forgot.


Any new SRS should maybe be based on frequency conversation stuff so that I build on conversations I have had or am likely to have.
Or build on the Show lo stuff which has its own vocab set.

As far as Hanzi goes I feel this is almost the same as trying to get fluent where I want to comevout of the chrysalis knowing how to read Chinese. I need to drop that attitude and either learn the Hanzi really slow accepting that I’m not as interested in reading as writing but that may want to read in Chinese one day. learn them only as they relate to things I would need to read in Chinese.
if I learn the writing, reading and meaning of 5 every day for two years starting form the most frequent, actually no,  if I learn the writing, reading meaning of 5 sentences every day for a year, along with all that I learn through speaking and listening, I should be good with little effort on my part. Well effort, but little ASM. That is the way.


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