My evolving Ideas about women and money

Partly inspired by all the rich Asian girls I see in my area that I am attracted to.

And partly inspired by the recession.

I had a thought. Instead of trying to make all this money to impress
the type of woman I find attractive, I should see the value I already have.
I should be thinking, do I really want to go off into the shadows to make
60k a year motivated only by being able to get girls. Or should I
do what I love, not slack off, but work hard, on somthing meaningful to me,

and hope people will pay me to keep doing it. Be as happy
as possible and if a women comes along that is willing to work with me
to build a life and a house ect, then that might be the better woman
for me. Or maybe it will be some good freinds that want to work with me and
get a good business going. This whole money thing will just
screw people up tho.

Its almost like you can have money or you can have everything else.
I mean this is the most pessimistic view because I’m taking under the assumption that you can’t make money doing what you love because poeple do those things for free. If this was the case which
it is not, the choices for me would be, either work a job I hate for half of my
waking life , plus an hour or two travel, and basically my life will suck
for the sake of meeting some gold digger who wants to lie back and take it.

or I choose to life the most positive life possible. Be healthy,
be social, do things I enjoy, and make a smaller amount of money
but with supportive people around me and maybe women as well. Just because
I don’t want to work a job that has no meaning to me does’nt mean I’m not willing to work.
It doesn’t mean I’m lethargic. its just commmon sense.

The people who say money is the only way are the people who didn’t know how
to do things the right way and gave up and thought money would buy them
happiness. It wont. Money isn’t important. Healthy lifestyle, healthy
relationships, healthy mind, body, diet, fitness, sleep. These are the
the important things.

So, if I give up on working jobs I hate, am I giving up on work?
am I getting stuck in a dead end job I hate?
no, I’m working a social and physically active job that pays hardly
anything but pays off in so many other ways, while I pursue
things I’m passionate about and living the most positive life
possible. And I’ll tell people what I am good at, what I am really good at,
not just trained to do, but good at cause of my passions and/or my hardships. and
if they need help in those areas, I will help them. They can refer me
to people I don’t know, but those people will have to pay me
by helping me somehow. If I meet people who want to start a business I am
interested in. I’ll take up the offer. And any woman who wants to get
with me better be on the same page or above or be interested in seeing
things from my point of view. Then we can talk about houses and cars,
and why we would need them. and then how we will work together to afford them.
this is the way it should be. No woman should want a guy who doesn’t
respect himself this much. No guy should want a woman who wants that
guy. This is not the cave man days. Women work now, and they also
have passion. Their work and their passion should be one and the same.

That makes me free from the rat race. Free from
the ignorant idea that money falls even close to what knowledge, courage,
passion, and healthy lifestyle can give.

I am liberated to live for the things that I should,
and to liberate others.


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