Knowledge is Happiness

I constantly contemplate the best way to live. Trying to piece what I know to come up with a formula for living life the best way possible. In this section of the blog I will be sharing what I have so far that I believe in and practice in my own life.
Knowledge and Critical Thinking

Knowledge, what you know will at just about all times, make the difference between you living and you dying. I like to think of things in broad terms like that to really underline what is important. Critical thinking, reasoning skills, are what allow you to build knowledge on your own based on the other knowledge you have, and any other knowledge you collect. It also acts as a filter so you can compare new information with previous knowledge and decide if what information should stay as knowledge and what should be thrown out as a lie. Critical thinking I guess is also a form of knowledge so the Idea of knowledge is key.

So this blog will be me sharing my knowledge with whoever reads it.
There is a lot out there that is common knowledge so I’ll leave that for the time being and in this blog I will mention mostly things that people should know now in order to life an amazing life.

So the knowledge I want to discuss in in the area of health. Alot of people who presently have all there needs met are still living very poor quality lives because they have’nt internalized key health concepts and their poor health is keeping them from being truly happy.
Key Health Concepts

(Big 3) Eat Right, Sleep Right, Exercise Right

Have healthy positive social relationships, Healthy positive thoughts, Belief in a unifying force(some may not agree)
Once you have enough money to live, these things should be your number one priority and you should research how to do all these things the best way possible and build knowledge in these areas, and form good habits in  each area for life. Overachieve in all of these areas and your life will be great. I will attempt to explain how to overachieve in all of these areas as well as go into further detail as to why they are the most important.

So future areas I will touch on are nutrition, sleep, exercise, relationships, positive thinking habits and critical thinking, and concepts of unifying forces.


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