Pace yourself and you can’t lose

I feel that with languages especially, but with probably most goals that are hobbies and not life or death things like work, that you have to choose either patience or discipline. In language it seems to make sense to just be patient. Meaning instead of trying to do 50 hanzi/per day for 2 months, just do 10 hanzi per day for a year. The important thing with learning/memorizing a quantity of something, is that you will have to review however many of that thing you learn with your srs until the reviews come down.

I feel its easy to become unsatisfied with the pace of your improvement after a certain point.

From Zero vocabulary to ten words vocabulary seems to be a huge jump. However from 1000 vocab to 1010 seems to be not a huge jump. I think it takes either reaching a point where you can clearly see how far you’ve come, like from 1000 to 2000, to help you stick with a pace like that. Another way, the way I seem to have taken is I binge and then stop and then realize how much further I would have been if I had just kept the pace up. That is motivating as well, its learning the lesson the hard way, but at at least the lesson is learned and the motivation is gained from that, you internalize the idea that slow and steady really does win the race.


As well, when you learn vocab at a 10 word per day pace, I think you’ll find that your access to those words in memory will be easier than the words you learned at 50 words a day. If you give your brain 50 words to store at one time, you might use mnemonics to learn them and you’ll have them in there, but you’ll still have to do a lot of remembering the stories for retrieval. This is not good when you have to speak or understand, and to be functional in a language you really need to have each word easily accessible.


If you want it to be fun, you have to leave your self wanting more. You have to feel like, I could be learning way more than 10 Kanji per day, its almost to easy. But at the same time, you gotta fight that anxiousness to be good at the language “now”. And for this it can help to have binged and loosed. Then its like you realize that you can’t afford to want the language that much because you simply don’t want it enough to binge until fluency or whatever the goal is. You just have other reasons you want to live other than that language and that is why you wont commit to binge until fluent. If you wanted it badly enough you would binge and become fluent, there are probably people like that, but if u binge and fail, there’s a good chance you don’t want it THAT much, which is normal. So its better to just do ten a day, make it an automatic habit, like brushing your teeth, and then forget about it for the rest of the day and focus on the other reasons why you want to live lol. Eventually you will realize you understand some shit, and then you’ll feel like, o man I can do so much more, I should just do 50/day. Don’t. Don’t because the same rules apply and if you binge the odds are that you will purge. Do ten. Eventually you will realize you are close to fluent, and then fluent and you will !!!!!-ing enjoy it.



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