inefficient = boring

After learning over 1500 hanzi out of 3000 and burning out. I started simply trying to read things in chinese, using word-chinese plugin for firefox to translate every sentence as I went. I realized that I was able to recognize words based on the characters without knowing what all the characters meant.

Khaztumoto suggests lazy kanj method where you ditch mnemonics and just writing each character, after glancing at it, and giving a vague translation. But then after that comes the sentence method where you do the exact same thing but for sentences. I feel that people might be able to just enter 4 and 5 character sentences into their srs and copy them out by hand, glancing and looking away as many times as needed and then passing as hard. I feel individual characters can be learned at the same time as sentences and that the meanings of individual characters will become obvious if it is important enough, or else its not important enough and wont affect progress. I feel this could at least be done after 1500 hanzi, that’s where all my evidence comes from. Possibly if you just learn the 211 or so radicals and take not of any other elements that will appear which there are like a few hundred more you might be able to go straight to short 4 and 5 word sentences right off. The first sentence wont be input+1 cause it would be your first sentence. But the second one should be all the words from the first sentence except one new one, and the third should be all the words from either the 1st or 2nd sentence plus one new, and ect. That is how its done. Not at all sure if this is possible from 0 characters, but pretty positive its doable from 1500. Also if you start forgeting characters form rtk it shouldn’t matter, cause all that really matters is seeing them in context in a sentence, the key word is really not a big deal. It would be if you went on to learning 3000 chinese written words out of context after that because then you could use each keyword as a mnemonic, but why do that when you could just not and do t the better way of learning sentences.

I partly feel that the reason why I burnt out in the first place after 1500 hanzi was that really started realizing that I get the general idea of hanzi now, I could almost see all the possible combinations of radicals already, and knowing that most of them have no meaning on there own and would have to be almost re-leared in context made memorizing them all on their own first really redundant. Especially with Khatz sentence method whereI will be writing a lot of them out already.

So I feel that if anyone gets to a point where they see the redundancy of learning 3000 out of contexts parts, then they should consider moving straight to sentences and fun. Its like, the characters are fun until you “get it” then if you keep going anyways it just sucks, especially at 50 per day. I feel that learning a language can be fun all the way through, including Rtk, as long as you keep the learning efficient. Also if 50 per day is not fun, don’t do it at all. You could do 10/day for half a year and then switch to 5/day and 10 sentences/day for how ever long and it would be even more fun cause you could have a life.


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