Immersion as the funnest sh## ever

This is especially important for mandarin I think where at this time there isn’t as much fun stuff out there as in Japanese.

Ok so, my idea is that for immersion, after khat’s step of, brows through shit at a furious pace finding shit and watching and listening to it, I’m not sure if he said this but I think you should make a playlist of every little thing you see that has any sort of replay value. Like I find show lo’s video clips to have so much replay value. I can cycle like 10 of the really funny 1min clips from youtube like, watching each one every day for a week. And then maybe a month later watch em again. So you know how on tv movies with replay value are always on? Do that for yourself, and do that with stuff in your L2. So simple. And if they have subtitles even better cause you can get the gist of it the first time by reading the subtitles and then put a strip of paper or something to cover that part of the screen for the other times so there is not even the temptation to read them.

Same with music. You gotta make a huge playlist for yourself. Collect enough material that nothing gets too overplayed.


Things that are good for replay value I think are funny things, sexy things, extremely interesting things. Also really anything that would be on the news in that country, as long as it isn’t politics or something that’s all words and no visuals. That is why it made it to the news, cause they knew people would watch it. However the news is only news when its new. After that you might not care, so its good for immersion cause it holds attention, and replayed through the same day might work as well, but not for the playlist. Also a lot of the news in some countries is really negative and if that’s not your scene its understandable. Documentaries good like the news is good.

Ok so what I’m thinking now is that its important to always be building a huge collection of L2 entertainment media. You have a better chance of finding the replay value gems and with more of those you can build an environment where the enjoyment is more dense because the more stuff you have that you know will be awesome to watch again, the more fun you can have with immersion and the more time you can spend in active listening instead of pasive.

So talk shows or whatever with hot girls in skimy outfits talking is good

funny sh## is good

outrageous stuff is good

that is as far as I know aobut my tastes in mandarin shows and its enough, and I will find more as I explore more. The worst thing to do I think is to stop exploring what materials are available. That is placing a limit on how much you can enjoy the langugae, a limit maybe even on how far you will get if you really wanna do immersion mostly, and in general not exploring whats available may be placing a limit on your happyness and sucess in life. By more dvds and watch them for a minute and skip forward and check it out again. F-ing explore, and them tell people all the cool different shit youve found that is’nt all sappy romance songs/dramas that us north americans can”s stomach(that last bit applies to mandarin learners). And tell me cause I wanna watch it too.

I think I’m going to do some research for mandarin entertainment. Like, Ifyou walk into s DVD and buy 10 dvds from a genre you can expect to like, how many of those are you going to like and want to replay in lets say a month?That is a statistic I kinda want to know.

Same with reading. Manga, blogs, youtube comments, whatever. If you dont explor enough you could reach a point where you just feel like there is’nt really anything there for you in the language but you gotta keep exploring until you find somthing you like.

The name of the game in immersion environments is to find somthing you like. That way there is no try. Only do…own at L2.

And make your environtment(your laptop, your ipod, your room) the coolest place to be(keep your laptop running fast, keep your ipod free of shit you don’t listen to, keep your room clean) and the goal should be to slowly build that space up so that its more fun to be in than a movie theater or night club by way of the easy of getting your entertainment(in L2) and the environment in general.

Another thing is don’t effing turn into a Hikikomiro/shut in, if at all possible. Using you laptop in the library with head phones could be really great. Or if there is a china town with a library there even better cause then you might attract attention from actual natives of your L2 and start a coversation(In your L2 if possible). is better that stayin in your room for days on end.

I think it would

There should be no moments in this lanuage learning expereience that you can’t handle. It should be basically enjoying life, having fun, but in the language of your choosing regardless of how much you understand. Then the understanding can come latter as a by product of you living in that language. Well there is a bit of effort I think only when reading cause you have to read first in L2 and then translate. But the fun of the material should balance it out if you found the right stuff, the fun stuff. Not stuff that seems like it should be fun. Stuff that you read while translating and realize you are having fun, or are super interested, ect.

Immersion as a weapon: google the article its good I think for intermediates more.


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