Hanzi Burnout Journal Introduction

I had been learning Mandarin by constantly having my mp3 playing playing show lo interviews, and by using audacity to get audio sentences and putting those into an srs, on average 15 sentences per day. After about 1500 sentences I decided I wanted to level up my Chinese in some other way. I wanted to be able to understand shows which had only Chinese subtitles so that then I could really enhance the fun and quality of my immersion learning. Basically I was getting impatient. So I decided to learn the 3000 most common Hanzi. This Journal describes my journey and ultimate failure to learn 3000 Hanzi at the pace of 50 Hanzi/day using a Psuedo-Hesig method.

I have documented a journey into burnout while trying to learn the standard 300 Hanzi using a Pseudo-Hesig style method. After learning the 211 or so primitives I learn 3000 Hanzi in order of frequency use mnemonic stories/images and not at all following the order that Hesig suggests which may be easier. I accepted this mission after graduating from college and having the summer to do as I pleased or so I felt.

The journal shows the changes in my thoughts and feelings throughout the process as well as studying plans.
Ultimately I burned out at around 1500 Hanzi and haven’t been able to start back since. Enjoy haha.


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